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I ordered the virgin organic Rosehip seed oil and virgin organic Argan oil. This was my first purchase from Walker’s. My order came very quickly and I was reimbursed .75 cents for the shipping cost. Everything was wrapped so carefully as though I was being mailed a family heirloom. The products are excellent quality, and I appreciate the dark blue glass container with dropper that the Rosehip oil came in. I received samples of apple mango soap, which is mild and smells beautiful, and Squalane oil, which I had never even known about. It’s light and absorbent, and is apparently very beneficial on the face. It will be a new addition to my skin care regimen.




Patty M - FL

I developed a moderate case of eczema on my legs recently.  A trip to a dermatologist resulted in a shot and a tube of prescription ointment which, after the health insurance co-pay, cost $247.00.  While the ointment worked fairly well, it was greasy and messy and the eczema came back after I stopped using it.  About this time, you introduced Moisture Plus and I decided to give it a try.  I use it on my legs once a day and the eczema has disappeared.  Now everyone is different and Moisture Plus may not work for all.  But if you have eczema or dermatitis, you should try Moisture Plus - and it doesn't cost $247.00 a bottle!

Phil,  KY


HI!  My name is Laura and I met you a few years ago at a craft fair at Cardinal O'Hara.  And you sold me on trying your oil!  I was skeptical but will say that I bought the Squalane.  I was nervous about breakouts etc.  However, I love this oil and have been using it more and more and love the way it moisturizes my skin and makes it look so beautiful with or without makeup.  I always get compliments about how my skin is glowing.  You had said to let you know what I thought about the oil at the time once I tried it.  I am sorry it has taken me probably a few years!!

Laura,  PA

I received my package over a week ago.  I meant to email right away but... better late than never as they say.
Thank you for the free samples and your excellent customer service: email notification, prompt shipment, and  automatic adjustment of the shipping fee.  I love your products and I appreciate the way you value your customers - everything my friend Ashlee has told me was true! There's no question that I will be a returning customer.
Kindest Regards,
Chien-Tseng,  NY

Thank you! I bought some oils from you at the Pitman craft show. I talked to your wife there. I have been THRILLED!!! With the oils I bought. I'm in love with the tamanu oil- I have seen amazing results on a couple of scars. I was so impressed that I brought it to my sister (who was another vendor at that fair) and had her try it. (Hence the order for more!) I've been using the rose hip oil on my skin; rosemary on my scalp; your pumice soap on my feet; and diffusing frankincense and cypress.  In the past I've bought young living oils (expensive) and aura cacia (I didn't like their quality). If you want to use this email in any way, feel free to do so. I'm so appreciative of your quality and price. 

Nadine L.,  NJ
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products. I ordered the maracuja oil and the argan face cream. They are both excellent. Thanks for such great natural skin care at an affordable price. I will certainly be ordering again.

Hi Jerry,

 I have been using the prickly pear oil for my two psoriasis spots on

 my elbows with fantastic results. Just thought I'd let you know in

 case other customers ask.




Karen - AZ

I am in LOVE with your body butters. This is the first winter that I haven't scratched my arms raw. Needless to say I will continue to order from You :)


Gina - NJ

Message: Hi, I met you at the Pitman craft fair. I purchased squalane oil
for my son's eczema, and I love it. I would like to visit your showroom to
make additional purchases. Will you be open on Monday (Columbus Day)?

Jennifer M. - NJ

This is the best eye makeup remover that I have found. I love it!

Mary C. - Texas

Good Morning Jerry
OMG!  I just tried the exfoliating mask.  It's awesome!  My face feels like silk.  I recently bought a product from Philosophy that was expensive and your mask was so much better.  It's a good thing I got 30 days to send it back.  It's definitively going back and put me on order for yours. It smells so clean.  Great product!
Di - NJ

(Note: the product is the Bamboo Facial Scrub)

I found you at the local craft shows, the first time at Voorhees the church, recently at Washington Twp HS. I love the mechanics soap - I buy it for my son who is in the apprentice program for GM. He says its the only soap he will use. When I last saw you at township and told you that, you told me you had a web site and gave me your information.

I swear by the Squalene - great product.

Love all your stuff. Your web site is great, well done.

Jacqueline B.  - NJ


I just got my products today!  Thank you so much for the speedy delivery!  Sorry about the shipping being undercharged. I appreciate you paying the difference. Anyway, the products are great and fresh. I am always afraid of ordering shea butter off the internet because it sometimes is old and moldy. I'm so glad I came across your company. I think you were the 3rd or 4th page on a google search for "refined shea butter". I'm glad I didn't settle for those other companies who popped up on the first page.

Thanks again for the pride you take in your company.
Ida - OR

Hi Jerry,

I just wanted to let you know my daughter and I just placed an order.  She loves your Chapstick.  Her lips and skin around her lips was so chapped I had her use the Squalane oil then the Chapstick over it.  It is a miracle treatment for her!!!!

We love your products!!!

Thank you!
Debbie - MO

Hi Jerry !

I had gotten a big bottle of squalene and filled some small bottles at work gave to two co workers.  They are now BELIEVERS.  So I ordered them squalene.  LOL !!   I did find your cards yesterday so they will have your email for future orders.

All the soaps I tried from the last craft show (Wash Twp) were spectacular.   Trying some new ones with this order. 

See you soon.  Love your stuff. 

Jackie - NJ
Hi Jerry,
I stumbled upon you and your wonderful products at the Middle Township Harvest Festival that was held in October. I really enjoy your products! My face has never been more clear. I no longer have to use over-the-counter products to treat the acne. I will definitely be a loyal customer! Thank you so much for introducing me to these wonderful products!

Happy Holidays!
Heather - NJ
Your company is wonderful!  I will always be a loyal customer. 

Thank you,

Elizabeth - IL

Thank you so very much. I'm so excited to get my products. I had to substitute another moisturizer during the hot weather. I splurged and purchased it from a woman who does facials in a doctor's office. It was supposed to be all natural. It cannot compare to the cream I purchase from you at a fraction of the price.

Also, my daughter suffers from severe dry scalp. I took a tiny bit of my body butter and massaged it into the worst place on her scalp. It cured the spot overnight. I was amazed - though not really surprised since it works miracles on my feet. I am so amazed at your products. Thank you for keeping me and my family healthy.

Best wishes,
Michelle  -  NV

Greetings from somewhat sunny California! Wow, second time doing business with you and again the customer service is refreshingly awesome and unexpected. So thank you for starting my day with a smile! Thanks for the credit too and wishing the sun finds you as well! Have a great day. 
Mr Walker,
 Thank you so much....what a nice surprise :)   Have to say I love your site...so you'll be seeing more orders from  me.
  Have a wonderful day :)

Hi Jerry,

I just wanted to let you know my daughter and I just placed an order.  She loves your Chapstick.  Her lips and skin around her lips was so chapped I had her use the Squalane oil then the Chapstick over it.  It is a miracle treatment for her!!!!

We love your products!!!

Thank you!

Sent from my iPhone

Thank you so much for your honesty.  So rare these days.  I ordered from you last week for the first time and just had to get more.  I saw your hair care products.  Do you have anything for baby fine blond hair?
I will definitely get the word out to my friends about you guys!
Pam  -  TN
(Pam was refering to the fact that we refunded an additional $0.18 because her package came in lighter than we had originally figured)
I got my package today.   I loved all of the sample products you sent me.  I will be ordering the lavender butter, lavender peppermint soap.  The lip balm also is better than chap stick. 
Thanks so much!
(Jackie  -  NJ)
Hi Jerry!
I have to say I am completely in love with your products. I do want to order a French Green Clay Bar, the Squalane Oil and 2 Apple Mango Tango soaps.  I have just about run out of the body soap samples you gave me and just don't want to go back to my Dove soap.  Will you be available the next couple of days for me to stop in and purchase those items?
Denise  -  NJ

Message: I received my order of virgin argan oli today and have used it on my face and in my hair with great results. I'm also pleased with the attractive colbalt blue bottle, the personal service I received when ordering, and the explanation on the website of the difference between virgin argan oil and organic argan oil. I checked the better business bureau in New Jersey before ordering, and Walkers Natural Body Care company received an A+.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.


Judith - CT

Hello walker family,
I have referred a few people to you, as I have had such a pleasant experience with you. Thank you for being great and for the "loyalty" discount.

Sent from my iPad 
I just wanted to let you know I received my order on Monday.  Wow that was fast!!!  Thank you so much.  I see what you mean about the Tamanu oil, turning semisolid.  I am using it on my feet, so the dropper is easier to use than pouring out, but I decided it was probably best not to put the dropper in the bottle all the time.

Thank you again for answering my questions and filling my order so quickly!!


Hi Jerry,

Thank you so very much. I'm so excited to get my products. I had to substitute another moisturizer during the hot weather. I splurged and purchased it from a woman who does facials in a doctor's office. It was supposed to be all natural. It cannot compare to the cream I purchase from you at a fraction of the price.

Also, my daughter suffers from severe dry scalp. I took a tiny bit of my body butter and massaged it into the worst place on her scalp. It cured the spot overnight. I was amazed - though not really surprised since it works miracles on my feet. I am so amazed at your products. Thank you for keeping me and my family healthy.

Best wishes,

Hi Jerry,

I found you online.  The face oil I was purchasing had a website that was no longer working, so I went searching for a new one.  I came across your sight and decided to try it out.  So far I have loved your products!  thank you and I appreciate the free soap sample as well!  

Whipped Argan Cream (Argan Face Cream) readily removes my eye makeup; then, if there are stubborn leftovers, any of the oils work wonders at removing them. I love all the oils, Marula, Maracuja, Argan, Cucumber Seed, Squalene and my new Tamanu, which have made my skin soft and clear--I use them under makeup as well as at night; the wrinkles have diminished, too. The Walkers' passion for their products and educating the public is very heartwarming and I'm very grateful to have found their wonderful products. I have never experienced such deep concern for customers as exhibited by the Walkers.




I keep forgetting to tell you: I LOVE the face soap. It is really
helping my face. I like the oils for my face too. They are working well, and I'm
having no breakouts. For a woman who is allergic to virtually everything and who
has NO immune system, this is miraculous. Thanks so very much.
Best wishes,
Michelle,  NV
(the soap Michelle is refering to is the Facial Cleansing Bar)

The discount is appreciated, but unnecessary.  I'm just glad I found a source of
such great natural products, not to mention exemplary service.
Phil,  KY

(The discount Phil is refering to is our Customer Loyalty discount that started in May)

I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your web site. I just turned 57 and have tried just about everything out there for my skin. I thought I'd forgo some of the Sephora/Nordstrom brands and instead seek a more natural way to tend to my skin.


All the products that I received from Walkers Natural are top quality and very reasonably priced as compared to the department stores. Because of this, I am able to try several of your precious oils. I just placed an order for the Marula Oil. I did some on-line research and it appears to be one of the best out there for your skin. Thanks for the sample of the Maracuja Oil too. That worked very well, but thought I would try the Marula.


I love the lightness of the Squalane Oil. With our northwest weather, I think this will work great for me during the summer months. Right now, I still need something that's a bit heavier. Our summer doesn't officially start until July, so we've got lots of cold months out here.


The Corinne Body Polish I passed on to my husband to tackle his "runner's feet". He says it's working great.


I'm using the Argan Cream to boost my usual body cream. It's great for hands and cuticles as well.


I am a lip balm fanatic and found your Natural Lip Balm @ $1.99 to be fantastic under my lipstick. I'm a bit embarassed to say that I have actually purchased La Mer's lip balm at $45! What a waste of money.


Again, thanks Jerry, for all your help, the fast shipping service, and answering my numerous questions.


Kelli in Portland, Oregon

Thank you for the heads up on new products. Its funny but after using your oils and creams for my face I have absolutely NO desire to look at mainstream "facial products". There is no need, your products take care of all my concerns, and its comforting to know that there are no added chemicals etc.

Have a great day!


Thus far, I've loved everything I've tried. I use the night cream as an all the time moisturizer. It's the only moisturizer I've EVER found that I can use all over my face with absolutely NO allergic reaction at all. Usually, I have to avoid my chin and forehead or I get an ugly rash, but I can use your product. It's amazing. I look forward to trying the squalane. Maybe it'll be a great day moisturizer for me. Thanks again.

Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery of my product, and for the soap sample.
I also appreciate the shipping refund. Great customer service, I will definitely order from you again. Have a great week. -Stacey

Sent from my iPad

I just wanted to say that the Maracuja oil and the baby gift set I just received are very very nice. Thank you also for the fast shipping and the updates on my order throughout the process. I am very pleased.



Lyons IL



Got my order. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the sample of soap! It smells lovely. I will keep you in mind for future orders.

Great customer service!


Thanks again-



It is very difficult anymore to find "natural" beauty products. I have been reading labels on everything I have been using only to be astonished at the chemicals these company's use as fillers. One of my favorites being "caulk", yes the stuff you fix your shower with. Its no wonder more and more people are becoming sick with illness's that can't even be diagnosed let alone be treated. I was fortunate to meet Jerry Walker while working with his company and we got on the discussion of my horrible dry, cracked hands from the cold winter and he saw i was using Cortizone lotion. The next day, Jerry made me a special lotion minus the chemicals that after a few applications my hands were healing very quickly. Usually I deal with cracked hands all winter long.


We also began to discuss the other products that he offers to include jojoba and argon oil. I used a very expensive brand of argon oil only to discover it was mostly chemicals. Jerry gave me both his jojoba oil and argan oil to try and I could not believe the difference in the products. The argan oil is wonderful for your hair as well as dry elbows, cracked heals, among many other uses. I also have found his jojoba oil is the best to use to not only remove eye make up, but also a great moisturizer.


He also offers a great line of soaps and clays for just about any skin type. Since I switched over to just about every product Jerry offers knowing I was getting natural soaps, oils, and masks my skin has never looked better. But here is the best part, Jerry's pricing is INCREDIBLE! You can afford to purchase his entire product line for the cost of one 2oz bottle of the "best" argan oil on the market.   I am addicted to the red clay soap, tea trea soap, jojoba oil and argan oil. If you have not tried his product, do so know! I never write comments on the products I use mostly because I am not impressed. These are some of the best, inexpensive products on the market and the are natural and made by Jerry, not some big corporation looking to make a quick dollar. My only regret is not taking before and after pictures so you could see my results for yourself!





Boise, Idaho



I have to say that I used the lip balm sat and Sunday only once and by yesterday, I noticed my lips weren’t chapped. J


Great thing you have there!

Thanks again



Washington Twp, NJ

 I just love your soaps and do not want to go back to my body wash.


Lori E.

Churchville PA

Thank you so much for the jojoba oil, powder and baby soaps! We have been using all of it. The jojoba oil worked so well on Tyler's cradle cap, which is almost completely clear now.


Beth k.



I have been using your soaps for about 3 weeks now and I no longer have to use soooo many facial and body creams. My skin feels and looks better (at least to me). I will be ordering more in about a week. Keep up the good and healthy work. You do "good" soap. Thanks.


Kathy C. 


dead sea mud...i loved this... did not think i would like it so much. forced myself to try it, and liked that it tightened my 58 yr old skin....my skin looked taut and shiny after washing it off....i did look younger.

I guess it pulled the impurities out of my skin and the moisuture that made me look puffy and I actually had 28 yr old skin...tight and lean looking....i am not sure if that was intended purpose of it, but i like it for me.


Corinne P

Jersey Shore

I love your soap, my son suffers from eczema and was using your oatmeal vitamin E soap for several months until I ran out. I went back to using regular baby soap and noticed the difference immediately. He complained of itchy, dry skin coming back. Thank you.


Colleen D.

Hammonton, NJ

We purchased soap from you at the Egg Harbor City craft show, and we just wanted to say thank you and the soaps we bought were fantastic. We plan on buying more!


Steve & Stephanie K.

South Jersey

Peter and I love this soap...we fight for it...I like it in the shower and Peter would like it by the sink...it is the best soap and the lavender smell is just right...I will be a future customer!


Dawn R.


I am using the Green Tea on my face, morning and night, applying with
facial brush, liking the product very much!


Donna N.


100% olive oil soap..loved it i liked that it cleans and leaves your skin moisturized at same time....love.love loved it.



Jersey Shore

Dear "Natural" folks,  I have finally found a facial that is just right for my "sensitive" skin. The Kaolin White Clay does the job without irritating my skin. And, the castile soap is just great. This soap will be especially good for me in the winter because I take really hot showers and like to play in the snow. Heat and cold do so much damage to my skin but with your soap, I have a mild but effective cleanser.


K. Carroccia

I love the soaps I got from you at the Assumption Church Craft Fair.


Hong Le

Galloway NJ

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